1.2 Teacher as Learner


Lesson Overview

This course is designed to support early childhood educators in developing innovative thinkers by exploring practical ways that children can learn coding, robotics and technological design thinking. Our course has a specific emphasis on play-based learning and recognises the importance of communication and language (including early literacy and numeracy) and social and emotional development.

Prior to using Bee-Bot, children may have worked with remote control vehicles. Remote control vehicles can help develop an understanding of action, reaction and directional language. Bee-Bot offers a great introduction into very early programming as children love to explore and investigate.

The activities support children in learning computing skills and applying computational thinking. Using BeeBot will help children engage in open-ended problems which require the use of decomposition, modelling and algorithms.

All the activities outlined in this course are in a suggested order of progression. There is no specific amount of time to be spent on each as this will vary from one situation to another. It may also be necessary to break some of the activities down further to suit children’s needs.

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Video Transcript

In this first lesson you will discover the functionality of the Bee-Bot. Take your Bee-Bot to a space on the floor and your first challenge will be to get Bee-Bot to move 2 steps forward and two steps back.
You need to find the power switch, which is located under the Bee-Bot. There are two switches - one for power and one for sound. Turn them both on. 
When you give your students the Bee-Bots, I would let them discover the power and sound button for themselves.
Now, see if you can complete the challenge of getting Bee-Bot to move 2 forward and 2 backward.
Explore the other buttons on Bee-Bot to discover turns, pauses, and the delete function. You will notice turns are 90 degrees.
The X button or “clear/delete” is important to use after each program. Make sure that the delete button has been pressed before a new program (or instructions) have been coded into Bee-Bot. Fun Fact? Bee-Bot will remember up to 40 instructions.

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Watch how to make Bee-Bot move as outlined in this lesson.


Explore and see what you can discover about Bee-Bot. Try it out before moving on to the sample lesson plan.